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4 fabulous tips for the ultimate roast dinner

A roast dinner is a firm favourite amongst many. It is enjoyed by old and young alike, offering tradition as well as something seriously tasty. And it doesn’t just have to be limited to Sundays! Increasingly, party hosts are choosing to incorporate a roast as an ideal catering option. After all, it includes plenty of variety, involves lovely fresh food and is relatively straightforward. Whether you want really good roasties, or magnificent meat – you are sure to deliver the ultimate roast with our top tips: Have you considered? 1)      Perfect potatoes – the good old ‘roastie’ is many people’s favourite form of potato. This involves a nice crunchy exterior, but fluffy interior. An easy way to achieve this is to parboil your potatoes and toss with salt and semolina grains before roasting in the oven. This will allow for that lovely crunch! 2)      Vamp up your veggies – some people complain about the vegetables on a roast dinner being underwhelming. You can easily avoid this by serving some more interesting options, especially if it is a special occasion like Christmas. Purple sprouting broccoli can look great, whilst sweet potato and butternut squash mash is a sure winner. 3)      Great gravy – for a bit of interest why not add a spoonful of cranberry sauce to your gravy? This gives a great festive kick! 4)      Mix up your meat - when it comes to roasts, people can quickly become bored of standard beef options and the inevitable turkey at Christmas. A choice proving popular at the moment is having a hog roast.

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Why Chorley’s food is so much more than just cake

Chorley in Lancashire is a town typically associated with a popular sweet treat:  the Chorley cake! What is it? A lot of people refer to the cake but do not know what it actually is, and it is often (sadly) confused with the Eccles cake too. Getting the food right It is important that the Chorley cake is recognised for its traditional qualities. It is a flattened pastry cake, typically filled with currants. It differs significantly from the Eccles Cake, which uses typically sweetened flaky pastry, whilst the Chorley cake uses plain short-crust. This is an important difference and also results in the Chorley cake being typically flatter and denser. It can be readily enjoyed with butter on top as an ideal afternoon snack. Let them eat cake... and more! But cake is not the only food you can enjoy in Chorley. The town and surrounding areas have a number of farmsteads known for livestock reared to quality standards. This results in locally-sourced meat, often sold at the market, which tastes brilliant. Particularly popular products in Chorley in light of the local farming tradition also include chutneys, and also a range of speciality ice creams. A visit to the town will have you quickly acquainted with a number of shops and tea rooms boasting some of these local delights. A prime example of a business showing the great Chorley food tradition at its best is Hog Roast Chorley providing an expert service in the area. They source their meat as locally and ethically as possible, before cooking it through with the best method – a hog roast. This allows for tender pork and a real visual spectacular. You can sample their service for yourself and see the range of options they have available when you visit their website at:

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Living near Liverpool and want some cracking catering for Christmas?

With summer now drawing to a close, attention seems to turn quicker-than-ever to the Christmas period. Many workplaces are already planning for and even booking their Christmas parties and an essential area of consideration within this is catering. Ultimately, whatever your event or occasion close to Christmas (and let’s face it – this is a perfect time to party!) having the right food matters. Too many tales already exist of guests leaving gatherings early, unimpressed and unsatisfied by poor party provisions. Impress Your Guests Fortunately, there is a way you can bring both visual spectacular and delicious food to an event. The perfect solution for Christmas-time gatherings. The answer lies in the form of a hog roast! Why? A roast hog is not only a traditional party piece, the food of kings and queens, but is increasingly being seen as the trendy contemporary away to dine. Roasting the meat for many hours’ results in succulent and tender pulled pork – and pulled pork itself is already so popular. Through a roast you can bring delicious pork, and great display and a variety of ways to eat, all together to impress guests! Fortunately, there are professional services which make hosting a roast a possibility to all. A renowned hog roast catering Liverpool specialist – extending to a number of surroundings areas too – is Liverpool Hog Roast. The business is built on providing brilliant food to make people smile, and has already worked for a number of large events. They provide full roasts, as well as menus – complete with salads and sides. Giving your guests the best experience has never been easier – and Liverpool Hog Roast is now taking bookings now for the Christmas period. For more information you can visit their website today!

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Cook Up A Storm with a Hog Roast for your Upcoming Event!

One of the things guests look forward to most at an event is meal time. The dancing and the drinks may be fun, but people's minds quickly turn to food once the hunger hits. And delivering quality catering is sure to keep the party going, and be a talking point about the day for weeks to come. As an event planner you'll want the food to provide good memories though, and hosting a hog roast at an event is one way to do it. Hog Roasting A hog roast involves the cooking of a full pig. It is carried out via a special oven which wouldn't fit in a home due to the size, so events are one of the only places to enjoy properly cooked pulled pork. Pulled pork is available everywhere thanks to the recent boom, but none matches the taste provided by a hog roast, which produces fresh and tender results. The fact that a hog roast isn't so easily accessible outside of events make it worthy to be the centre stage of one, and even picky kids will find something to love with a hog roast bun. They may even run back for seconds! For the best hog roast Bradford specialists, The Yorkshire Pig offer great quality hog roasting services at low prices, and accessibly too! The Yorkshire Pig The Yorkshire Pig is a leading UK hog roasting company, offering a range of services to help event planners bring the best food to their guests. Catering and machine hire services are available, with bespoke menus to allow for dining unique to the event. With competitive prices and high quality service, The Yorkshire Pig have spent years making events to remember, one meal at a time.

hog roast caterer Manchester

Cooking for corporate?

A big event deserves the best food. After all, the catering at any occasion can be a key method of conveying care and the kind of mood you are keen to endorse. It is especially important if you are considering a corporate event, to opt for the best catering. Fine food provides an ideal feature over which attendees can discuss ideas and converse. This is essential at a corporate event where it is desirable to make connections and perhaps boost your brand. Furthermore, at such an event where you are seeking to boost your business, being the provider of good food will make you memorable. Therefore you deserve a catering option which makes you stand out for all the right reasons and makes a real impression. The whole hog When the event matters, you really need to go ‘the whole hog’, for your guests, so to speak. You can with a good corporate hog roast service. This means you have the opportunity of introducing your guests to tender pulled pork, cooked in the most authentic fashion.  A roasted hog allows for the juiciest meat and crispy crackling, which is ideal for a sandwich, and also at more formal events where a sit-down meal is the intention. It is also provides a visual showpiece, whilst both looking and smelling absolutely delicious. It is a taste sensation people will not forget in a hurry, so ideal for when you intend to make a lasting impression. The prime provider Pig Roast Catering are proud providers of a full hog-roasting service, which is ideal for corporate events. This includes a full professional treatment, including hog roasting chefs to prepare, cook and service a veritable feast for all involved. They also offer a range of menus, and are sure to be able to tailor something…