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Four things ‘Stoptober’ taught us about the benefits of being smoke free

October this year has also doubled-up as ‘Stoptober’- a month dedicated to helping as many people quit smoking as possible! I’s a campaign launched by Public Health England, and includes the backing of celebrities such as Bill Bailey and Al Murray. Stopping smoking does more than improve health   All month people have been invited to sign up easily online and take part in a 28 day journey to becoming smoke-free. And they’ve been quick to share the benefits too: 1)      People are proud – when you tell someone you are quitting smoking, their reactions can be amazing. Parents have reported children jumping for joy and even running to hide any ashtrays in the house, whilst family and friends can rally round to provide great support where it matters! 2)      Bigger smiles – many people have admitted that they smile more and mean it once they have stopped smoking! No longer does tobacco-breath have to be a problem! People will now see you, rather than a layer of smoke; and this is surely something to smile about. 3)      Keep the conversation going – smokers can often feel isolated outside, in situations like waiting for public transport or shopping, because people feel put-off by cigarettes. When you don’t smoke, conversation becomes so much easier and you can unlock social opportunities you perhaps never knew you had. 4)      A taste sensation – surprisingly, many smokers even in the early stages of quitting, report that their food tastes better and they feel more satisfied. Never has there been a better reason for a celebratory treat!

Electronic cigarettes – the perfect Christmas gift?

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Family, friends, celebrations, presents, great food, drinks, and time off work – what’s not to love! Sure, it makes an impression on our bank balance but for most people it’s something to look forward to and enjoy. But one problem that almost all of us will be familiar with is the gift hunting process. Finding the perfect present for someone you know can be a hair pulling experience. A gift well worth considering if you know someone who smokes is an electronic cigarette kit.     Electronic cigarettes have come from nowhere in the last few years, going from being a relative obscurity used by a small handful of people to now being a must-have item for millions of Brits. But what are they and why give one to a relative or friend for Christmas.   E-cigs are smoking alternatives. They provide lots of advantages over tobacco products, namely that they contain no more than a handful of additives, compared to the thousands present in cigarette smoke. Instead, they deliver nicotine alongside a few ingredients, including flavouring and vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol. They’re much more affordable than traditional tobacco options, don’t have the pungent aroma that tobacco does and won’t stain your clothes or walls. In addition, the majority of studies have shown very little in the way of second-hand impact from e-cigs. Understandably, millions of people have already made the jump from smoking to vaping (the term for using an e-cig). An electronic cig starter kit from a reputable provider can usually be had for under £30 and that’s even truer in the run up to Christmas as sales increase further. It’s for this reason that thousands up and down the country will be buying starter kits as…