Shooting Tips for All

Whether you started shooting at a young age and are already pretty good, or you are new to the sport and are still trying to get the hack of things – there are most probably some available tips for you to take advantage of in order to improve your skills. Here are just a few of them for you to consider: Don’t stop moving your gun! When many people first of all see their targets, they tend to keep switching between looking at the target, and then at the barrel and then repeating several times. This should however not be the case; people should look at their targets and the barrel of their replica guns constantly, following their target with their gun. By keeping your head down and your weight over your front foot, you will be able to stay focused and sim better for each and every shot. It’ all about the rhythm. Before each shot, try counting to three and then taking the shot, this will allow you to be in total control. If you don’t do this and instead rush, chances are that you will not be focusing and aiming correctly and thus will miss. When pressing the trigger, do so slowly. Press it as smoothly as possible, again to ensure you can shoot as accurately as possible. Remember practice often make perfect so, spend as much time as possible practicing this on a target which you can purchase online. There are many different styles available. Ideally, you should be able to press the trigger, while focusing on the target and keeping the gun steady and still. Do not forget to stay safe at all times. Some of the things that you can practice to stay safe include: always treating weapons as though they are loaded, never…

Leading Air Gun Brands

When considering taking up air gunning, many people are originally left baffled, not knowing which rifle to choose. Faced with an abundance of air guns that all seem great, it can be hard for one with little airsoft knowledge to know which brands are the most reputable, in order for them to make great decisions. This is why we have compiled this list of fabulous air gun brands for all to consider: Walther Air Rifles People have been choosing Walther air rifles for many, many years. They’ve been incredibly popular for generations in fact. With a long lifespan, people have even been known to pass these weapons on down to their children. Made in Germany, these rifles are so great for a number of reasons, such as their mechanical marvels which transforms muscle power into superb energy for each and every shot. Air Arms Air Arms is a modern and progressive manufacture of air guns, which showcases a totally excellent range of air guns including some of the best weapons available today. In 1988 when starting up they successfully made a pre-charged pneumatic rifle, and after that never looked back, improving their rifles every time and impressing many. Daystate Air Rifles Daystate rifles are considered by many to be the absolute finest and most powerful airguns in the entire world. Making leading and modern pre-charged pneumatic airguns for over 30 years, they are constant market leaders with many air gunners refusing to use any other weapon. BSA Guns A result of 150+ years in business and the latest, most innovative precision manufacturing techniques, BSA Guns are very, very popular and chosen by many. Proud of their heritage they take utmost pride in the manufacturing of the guns that they provide and eve to this day, they constantly strive to improve their collections…

How to get the best ammunition for a BB gun

When it comes to exciting, adrenaline-filled sports, BB gun shooting is a great example. It is an engaging activity which is currently being enjoyed by many across the UK, with target practice events particularly popular. Part of enjoying using a bb gun to its best extent – whether you are shooting sports targets or having a go at skirmishing – is through ensuring that you have the right ammunition. An aspect of importance   Ammunition and its quality can significantly impact your BB gun experience. If ammo is poor or not of good suitability to your gun, then this can even begin to affect aspects such as your accuracy. Fortunately, there are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting ammunition, allowing you to make a quality choice. Things to think about Picking pellets – BB guns tend to use pellets, not cartridges, and these are typically spherical and can be loaded easily into your model Weight matters – generally, the lower the weight of the bb pellet, the lower its quality. 12 grams is one of the lower commercially available weights, and although may be suitable for casual target practice, perhaps does not have the emphasis required for more long-term use of the gun. A typical standard selection for airsoft is 20 gram pellets, and knowing the weight of ammo is important as allows you to calculate ratios for accuracy and speed too Colour for your convenience – most bb guns fire plastic BB pellets, often white in colour, though there are other colour options available. Black pellets (often known as ‘invisible’) can add an extra layer of interest and there are also brighter colours such as yellow and red A quality provider – fortunately there are a number of suppliers of ammunition out there ready to offer…

The right air guns can fetch thousands!

News from a recent auction has highlighted the great-regard which is held for airguns amongst collectors. Some were pleasantly surprised at the height of interest in a Webley & Scott air-pistol, which achieved a record price of £2,100. That such high prices are paid for vintage models emphasizes that air guns and pistols play an important part in British tradition – and many believe this deserves to be celebrated! Air gun history is important Why has the air pistol played such a role in Britain? Traditionally used by agricultural labourers, pistols of this kind would be used for agricultural maintenance. This may have included shooting ‘pests’ and also the activity of hunting. In more recent years, Britain has seen as strong pattern of target practice successes too. Air gunning involves precision, concentration and skill, and thus over the years has been increasingly recognised as a highly-disciplined sport. Britain is often associated with abilities in air sports – both through using air guns and also archery. Proud communities have emerged around these activities too, often with their own traditions. the element of the traditional matters, and this was clear when the aforementioned Webley & Scott air pistol was sold – as it was still in its original vintage casing. This added further value to the gun. Choosing the right type Air guns typically vary in size and dimensions – dependent on the use. For example, handling a pistol is a completely different experience to that of a rifle. Models are also air-powered in different ways; so selecting a gun is actually quite complicated!

Get the skills and stance of a professional air pistol shooter!

With the next Olympics in 2018, pistol shooting is set to be a big event. After all, it could be considered the ultimate test of skill and stability – with participants having practiced for years to achieve the ultimate aim. There are some surprising things about pistol shooting though – quick tips you can pick up with can rapidly upgrade your performance. It is ultimately essential to have the basics sorted – and then build from there. The place to start when using airsoft guns efficiently is attaining a good shooting position. The stance matters A good shooting position, also known as a precision position, requires four key aspects. The first is – keep it natural! This means the shooter should be able to attain the position without excessive strain and should feel comfortable holding this throughout the course of shooting. The second point is stability – a minimum arc of movement should be obtained with a maximum hold. It is when these are established that you can move into the third requirement, which is achieving the right alignment. You need to be in a stable-enough position to point the aiming part of the pistol into the centre of the target. Then the fourth and final point is consistency; the knowledge that you can keep this precise position for a long period of time. If you can – great! In order to perfect a position of precision, considering your leg alignment is also important. The aim when you are placing your legs is always to achieve complete stability with the arc of movement kept at a minimum.

Get involved with Airsoft

Hobbies and recreations are an ideal way of bringing a little bit of something different to your life. Whether you want to escape from the stress of the everyday routine, or introduce a little bit of adrenaline – there are increasing was you can take up activities to suit you. A great example is airsoft – a sport involving air weapons which opens up a whole new adventure. A new activity Good airsoft guns unlock a variety of sporting tasks. When used responsibly, air guns can after all be part of a highly constructive activity. Aiming and firing itself involves high levels of concentration and skill – as requires the development of posture. Many people choose to use airsoft equipment for target practice, therefore really refining their skills. Following increased publicity around the sport both for The Olympics and The Commonwealth Games, increasing numbers of venues now offer shooting ranges and opportunities. Yet if you want a less formal approach to airsoft and to be thrown straight into the adrenaline, then skirmishes may be for you! A skirmish is a team combat game which involves shooting marked points on the equipment of the other team. It can incorporate various team methods of combat, including games such as ‘capture the flag’. Unlike paintballing team tasks, it seems that airsoft is